About your band:
Your singer has skills! And the guitar in Viridian Dream is good, but there should be some drum. And the lead guitar/piano could play some more interesting, what he`s playing sounds good but it could be better. When the verse starts again the energy is a bit gone away. But the break between the bridge and the verse is nice. But the last verse could have some more energy if you play the melody as chords and palm muted. But you really need a drum in it.
Sleeping in: More energy because of the dream! The chorus is a bit weak, but the 2nd verse wich is sang by a men is good, but he should be careful with his belts because it isn`t right al the time. The bridge should be really different. If you make a sort of Coldplay-bridge it wouldn`t get a bit boring. The break after 2:55 or something is good and keeps the energy in the song.
I really liked it...good calming music. The acoustic guitar sounded nice, and you singer has talent for sure. Just needs some percussion! Thanks for the crit!
Thanks for the crit man.

I listened to An End, A Beginning and I actually quite liked it. The vocalist was surprisingly good, especially with the chorus. It's very easy to come off as reallyyyyyyyy generic with this kind of music, but this was pretty good. I think it'd definitely sound better if it was mixed better too. The vocals needed to be turned off. Then I listened to the acoustic version of A Minor Delineation. I didn't like it as much as the first song to be honest. There were parts of it that sounded good, I particularly like the chorus with the female vocalist and her first verse, but the other parts of the song seemed ot fall back into that very generic musical style. It didnt really sound like anything new or that I hadnt heard before. But all in all its pretty nice. Definitely get it mixed better.