this is a serious question though.

what would be the best way to absorb someones guitar style to add it to your own personal one
I would think:

A) You first like their music
B) You copy them
C) You end up incorporating their style in your own when you pull one of their licks out of your storage...
Copy, analyze, practice, repeat.
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What silverdark said - with the addition of finding out who their influences were and doing the same to them too
Try learning their techniques and playing styles
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Listening and analysis of all of their music you can get hold of.

I'd say you're better off trying to transcribe by ear though; that way you not only train your ear but end up with something like their style, just with a slight twist on it where you get things wrong but they still sound good.
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Really listen to what they're playing. I also find a great way is to actually learn some of their songs. Transcribing by ear is probably the best way. However it is extremely hard and time consuming for a beginner (especially if you're learning solos) so you might want to leave that until you have a better ear.
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Transcribe their stuff by ear, and not only analyze the theory, but also analyze the personal inflections they add and also how they structure a song/solo.