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Well i've been thinking, and doing some browsing. Me and my friend are both pitching in for him to get a Gibson SG. now, in all, SG's are my total favorite guitar, but the colour chosing is probably the hardest part. I know this is kind of a stupid question, but which do you think is the best SG colour?

White, the new modern colour...

Black, the always in trend colour...

or Red, the classic SG colour...

Your thoughts...
It's got to be red! Classic style
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whichever color definetely go for the full pickguard. my personal favorite is the black one but the red is a close second.
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Personally I like the red, or the black but w/gold hardware.

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white please.
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Natural Burst is my personal favorite but I'm pretty sure they discontinued it. Used?

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Eh. I don't like the full ugly pickguard, it looks tacky. The white one looks good with the half guard
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red for sure
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I like this to be honest.
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This is the sexiest SG I've ever seen

I like the black and red ones too.
When I were a lad.......... SG's (and the SG shaped LP's) came in Cherry or Walnut. The Custom 3 pup also came in white, white pickguard and spacer plate, with gold hardware which is the most perfect colouring ever for an SG. Back then, the guys at Gibson knew what they were doing. Don't buck it.
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only SG i could ever imagine myself owning/playing is a vintage looking cream colored one, i cant stand any other color, especially the red SG's, ugggh
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Red or Naturalburst

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I'm digging that white one, although I saw an Epi SG in a beastly Silverburst.
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out of the 3, definately not the black. just too dark, and too black. doesn't show the real beauty of it. i'd get white if it had the full pickguard. otherwise, cherry is the classic!
the sg is a bad ass guitar in any color...

but my personal favorite would probably be the Prophecy SG
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Heritage Cherry, hands down. Unless you're Tony Iommi or Dave Chandler, I see no point in the black, and the white is just ugly as sin.

Btw, free cookie and mad phat superfly stupid dope dumbass retarded bomb **** props to anyone who actually knows who Dave Chandler is
didn't zappa have a yellow one? maybe it was just natural. either way his was sick.
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Honestly, I love all of them. I can't discriminate against any of them.
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I think someone should guess who Dave Chandler is

and don't google it. it kills the spirit of competition
I thnk the new carved top SGs are the best.

I love the Diablo int metallic Red with gold hardware

The White Diablo is sweet too but Gibson calls it Silver but I have seen and played it and I would I call it white.

The new SG Carved top in autumn burst looks awesome as well.

The only SG color that I acknowledge is Cherry Red and it has to have full pickguard

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The brown wood looks too much like those cheap LP Studio's.
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[quote="'[VictorinoX"]']I think someone should guess who Dave Chandler is

and don't google it. it kills the spirit of competition
Isn't he the dude in that old metal band?

And and SG has to be aged white, with gold hardware. Also, not a full pickguard, just the half black one.
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