ive been playing it outside in the cold, is it going to ruining? i was playing it on my pocket amp, plus i carried it to school. it was a little bit cold, where you could a wear a sweater and be fine, but some people used coats. i jsut want to know if the electronics and everything are fine
you should be more worried about neck warpage as long as you dont play it out tooo often but once in a while it should be fine
it was once, but yeah, hopefully the neck is fine - i keep my jackson in it's box until i can afford a hard case, which runs like $150. but are the electronics fine? and - what are the odds of my Jackson getting neck warpage - plus i play it like atleast 1 hour a day if im busy, and i usually play my guitar all day if im free
Yes it will be fine, just don't place it next to anything like a space heater or radiator afterwards; IE be gentle about warming it up. Expect to adjust your truss rod and action more often though.