Basically, a friend is considering some new pickups, but, much like me, can't solder for his life, and wanted to know; could he use a wire cap to attach the pots to the pickups?

Any and all answers are appreciated.

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That method is getting more and more common, especially with ROHS becoming such a large player in the electrical world. Lots of bargain guitars are using quick connectors instead of proper soldering. EMG uses quick connects to hook the wire to the pickups and kinman is using a solderless system for his pickups too. If you get a good connector then it can be done but I still think soldering is a better way to go.
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^ agreed. Nothing like solder to hold properly. Quickconnects are handy, but I've got some Some tone freak buddies that say there's resistance in the connectors that kills tone.

I'm just lazy, quickconnect FTW!

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dude, soldering isnt hard. just get a desolering bulb for your mistakes. or have someone one of you know do it for free or something.

+1. Just get a 40 wt soldering kit from Radio Shack and practice on some spare parts. It's not that hard if you practice a bit. There's a ton of resources for guitar modding on the net, so just google guitar soldering and check it out.