*Note - This is not a metal song. Its acoustic

Everything in the world is for sale,
They write on their metal sign in black
Nearby the singer has a show today,
And the joker has his shoes on a rack

They’re leading the 7-star general
It looks like he’s sniffing the trail,
His hat flies off into the trees
And he keeps looking for the grail

And the crowd is restless again,
Today the speaker beyond beckons
While my brother and I look out the window
Onto the streets of sorrow

Then suddenly the bald critic bursts in,
In his hand a frying pan
Alfredo tells him to put it down saying
“You’re in the wrong place man.”

Snow white scribbles on the sidewalk
And she cries to the old viziers
You must experience everything in life
Through the reckless years.

And then the sirens fall silent,
And just snow white all alone,
Sweeps up scraps of old letters
On the streets of sorrow.

Now the moon is getting fed up
With the stars throughout the night,
Dancing across the black sky
He hopes for morning light

Everyone but leo and his brother
And the beggar on the lavender train,
Are all just making love
Or just waiting for Bush to be slain.

But the philanthropist is all dressed up,
And his wife learns the show is tomorrow
He’s the main guest at the circus
On the Street of sorrow.

There’s Isabel, I’m so afraid for her,
In her heart is emptiness.
So soon she was beaten down
By the seeds of carelessness.

Death seems wonderful to her,
She's up to her neck in tears
She’s turned into an old maid
At the tender age of 20 years.

Although in dreams she paints
The colors of the rainbow
From her concealed bush she throws stones
Into the Street of sorrow.

Louis disguised as Jason
Locks away his golden crown
But the key to his safe is stolen
By his best friend the Clown.

He flung his cigar so wickedly,
As if it was dynamite,
Then he passed on, staggering,
As if he had been hit by some kryptonite.

Maybe you don’t remember him,
He was once a virtuoso
Playing his turkish tambourine
In the streets of sorrow.

The Doctor holds our destinies
In the bottom of his socks.
Every one he watches over
Is seeking the keys to the locks.

The nurse that he put in charge
Of the potassium and cinnamon logs,
Calls for the watchmen
But instead gets her help from a frog

They both play their magic flutes,
You can hear it from the window
Come with me but we'll have to pass
through the Streets of sorrow.

On the other side theyre drawing
Paper plates on the table
And spoon feeding themselves hope that theyd
get rid of their visionary label

In him they are nurturing
Boundless pride in himself,
But they'd later kill him in his sleep
When his paintings fall off his shelf

And the phantom shouts in the catacombs
“Let him bleed until tommorow"
Its what he gets for going in the evenings
To the Street of Eternal Sorrow

At midnight all the agents
From the watchmen's special brigade
Knock on the doors of the
Queen of spades

Then they take them to their castle
Where they tie to their wrists
Tubes filled with champagne
And no one resists

A crew of insurance agents
Stand with their whiskey bottle
Their job is to prevent the prisoners
From going to the Streets of Sorrow

There Pancho and Roger the jinn
Are casting their magic spells
Antonio is laughing over them
But you cant hear it very well.

Praise be to the Jack of Hearts
His crew sails over the waves
On the deck they still argue over
Which of the stranded to save

"It’s only there, in the depths of the sea"
Davy Jones shouts out to Jack Sparrow
There is no reason to think to much
About the Crazy Streets of sorrow.
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