we're an under 18 band so as you'd expect nobody will offer us any gigs, and we've done a couple which turned out really well and we've definitely impressed a lot of people, but is it stupid to do a gig and then jsut fall off the radar for weeks and weeks before making another move? i mean, how are we supposed to ever build up a fan base or get noticed, we're in our last year at school and if we dont actually get anywhere with this band soon, we'll have to break and get real jobs and live in the real world! screw that, we've been told we're pretty talented but its hard to actually get a chance to show people that.

any ideas about how we can get gigs or promote ourselves, or even just keep up people's interests while we wait for another gig? (we cant even make a demo till easter because my mixer hasnt arrived yet!)
find open mic nights, lots of places have them, and most of them are all ages. talk to people you know, everyonce in a while i play with my band at a fundraiser because i talk with lots of people who put these things on.
when you record the demo, start talkin to bar owners about letting you play.
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Do an acoustic set in the middle of a crowded park, and afterwards hand out flyers.

cover some nile on acoustic

thatll go down a storm
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O.K. I'm going to be brutal or at least honest. Your band isn't any better or more special than any other band out there. I don't know of any bars/clubs that "offer" bands gigs. Work for it! Geez, you put a ****in' band together and you play a couple of gigs and think that places should just offer you gigs. Start busting your ass! Make phone calls, put together a promotional/press kits (include photo, biography, set list, references, etc.). If you don't have a demo then you're already behind! Have one member of the band who is dedicated to booking gigs, or hire a manager.

Get to know and befriend other bands. Yes, they may be your competition at times, but they may know contacts at different clubs that they have already played. It's much easier to cold call a bar/club when you can say, "Hey, we're friends of such and such band, and they thought we ought to give you a call about booking a show, etc." Plus, you'll know who specifically to talk to about booking a gig. Don't ever leave your number with a ****in' waitress... you will never hear back from that bar if you do.

You could book successful gigs for the next 10 years and you'll still have to bust your ass to book a new or different venue. Nobody owes you anything, you have to work for it, and in this particular industry, even more so.

One last thing... being underaged doesn't have **** to do with not booking gigs. I know of a couple of underaged bands in my immediate area that have gigs booked ALL THE TIME. If you're good, you're good... period. That's what will get you gigs.
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we're in our last year at school and if we dont actually get anywhere with this band soon, we'll have to break and get real jobs and live in the real world!

Better start getting used to that because despite what you may think, it's difficult to turn a decent profit playing local gigs. My band gigs on nearly a weekly basis and we all still have full-time jobs. I make more in a day with a "real job" than the whole band makes per gig.

Anyway, as to your question, yeah it is tough to get exposure when most venues are 18+. However, it's still possible. You just gotta work a little harder. I find the best way to get gigs is networking. Get to know local promoters and other gigging bands. If you can get a few bands together then you can rent a community centre or a hall of some kind for a night and sell tickets in advance and at the door. Find a local website/newspaper/public access station and put up an add for your show well in advance. Even before you pay for the hall rental that way you can gauge interest and determine if you can at least break even. If everythign goes smoothly and you put on a good show then word will get out. Rinse and repeat.

The more shows you put on and the more bands you play with, the easier it'll get to get gigs in the future. Experience breeds success. And then hopefully, by the time you guys are all over 18, word will have gotten out that you're band puts on a killer show and promoters/managers/other bands will be inviting you left and right to come play a show. Just remember to return the favor though. Invite a band that you supported at one time to come do a show with you, play a benefit show for free from time to time, etc. Whatever you can to for exposure, do it.

EDIT: And Whiskey Tango is right. You have to bust your ass. As easy as it gets it'll still never actually be "easy". You have to work hard and put in a lot of effort. Handouts are few and far between I'm afraid.
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