yeah i tried google, but there were a lot of odd things coming up though.

and you guys here actually know where and what to look for. I'd like to know some brand names and really what to look for. because I know you can get fake guitars that look very interesting but really suck for example, tennesse and memphis double and triple necks.

and that martin you suggested is an acoustic, not a classical.
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and that martin you suggested is an acoustic, not a classical.

sorry bro...i play electrics, didnt know there was much of a difference. and yes there are alot of rip offs. sorry i cant be of much help, but maybe to kick off a discussion

I found these on ebay...dont know much about the company. I dont wanna post the ebay link because of my fear of the mods lol.

but here


well now that i look at the reviews...you might as well just ignore my posts

good luck

Addendum: sorry to come off as an ass
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Never seen one, though I've seen a 10-string classical guitar. Dominic Frasca uses one.
metalhead: thanks anyway man

that one Buddhist mentioned looks great, but does anyone know what to look for and stay away from? thanks