Hi guys! well i was thinking about changing my stings, but i'm not sure if i should. My Low E, A, and D strings are still sorta clean, but my G, B, and high E strings are pretty much black. but i know if i should change all of them or just the black 3? cause i don't want to have 3 extra new strings just sitting around with no purpose. .So should i wait till they are all worn a bit more or just change all?
wrong forum, *reported*
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Quote by King Twili
wrong forum, *reported*

Quit reporting people so quickly in here. This forum is for us older members to help newbies and guide them around the forums. Not to report them becasue they have never posted here before and made a simple error.

Hey zodiac909,

King Twilli does infact have a point, this is the wrong forum to ask about how to change strings, in future try asking over in the Electric Guitar Forum, although dont worry about King Twilli "reporting" you, you wont get in trouble for a simple mistake. Just dont do it again . If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of forums, have a flick throught the New Member FAQ for a brief description of what to post in each forum.

For future reference, the New Member Q&A forum is for people to introduce themselves in the Stickied Introductions Forum (feel free to post yours if you haven't already done so ), and for members to ask general questions about the site.

And, by the way, i suggest you change your strings

Welcome to UG

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Pop in a pack of new strings, they sound sooooo much better than three new and three old.
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