Hello all.

Ive been looking for my new amp and after much browsing websites and this forum i have narrowed my options down to the bugera 6260-212 and the randall RG50tc.
my question is has the bugera got too much power to perform at lower volumes for jamming? and if so is there any way to get the same performace out of it at lower volumes? also maybe a stupid question but is the randalls 50watts enought to compete with a crazy monkey like drummer?

thanks geoff.
you could buy an attenuattor which limits the volume but allows you to boost the signal
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i was wanting a peavey windsor and thought the half stack would be too much

so now i see you guys are talking about attenuators whats a good one?
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50 watts is plenty to keep up with a drummer.
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It has a master volume. Use it.
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It has a master volume. Use it.

^ this. the only thing i would be concerned about is having to lift frikkin 85 pounds for the bugera, i think bugera should make 1x12 combos

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I really don't know why everyone is suggesting an attenuator, an attenuator is good for bringing down a really driven amp to band/gigging levels - not for making practice amps.

It's seems unlikely to me that you'll be using the 120 watts anyway as it is designed specifically for headroom, so that you don't drive your powertubes and get that 'looser' distortion often associated with it. The master volume should suffice to keep the amp quiet.

50 watts should also be plenty to get over the most heavy-handed drummers.
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It has a master volume. Use it.

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Wow thanks for all the replies think ive got all the answers i need and all in a matter of minutes! cheers guys. awesome forum.

Umm...I hate to break the news to you but those aren't exactly the greatest amps. Maybe you should avoid the Bugera because I don;t want you to become best friends with your local amp tech. Maybe most of the problems are ironed out, not sure. If you can find a Peavey XXX then get it,.
right.. !
ok i tried to stay away from this question because of the amount of threads asking the same type of questions but i need a tube amp for metal in the same price range, i cant seem to find much on the peavey xxx where can i get it from in the UK? im not really interested in hunting out a discontinued amp.

oh and is the bugera really that unreliable?
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