my girlfriend, bestfriend and I are going to see that one guy tonight, we think he is so creative and just cool i was just wondering what other people thought of him and other bizzare musicians you know of, we might as well have a weird music thread lol

and if you dont know That one guy, heres some vids

weasel pot pie with funny covos lol
buttmachine music video one
buttmachine video 2
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I saw That 1 Guy while on tour with Buckethead. I've got to say, I actually enjoyed That 1 Guys performance more than I did Buckethead's.
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I know That One Guy.

He brought me pizza one time.
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we think he is so creative

I lol'd a little
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I know That One Guy.

He brang me pizza one time.

I did it, and i dont care

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I saw him with buckethead a few months back and it was awesome. Me and my friends bought both his cd's and they kick ass.

Oh and I just saw Les Claypool this weekend and it was really wierd and cool