Ok guys and gals, I am what I would call a novice guitar player. I have pretty decent equipment, but I don't think I'm getting the best sound I can get. Here's a rundown of my gear:

Custom Agile Ghost w/ EMG 81-85 combo
Agile AL2800 w/ EMG 81/85 p90s
ESP EC-500 w/ EMG 81/89 combo

Krank Rev Jr.

Visual Sound Jeckyll and Hyde overdrive/distortion
Line 6 Uber Metal
Digitech RP100
Danelectro Fisn N' Chips EQ

So, I'm just not confident I'm getting the best sounds I can get because I doubt I'm properly using my equipment. I usually run my amp through the "Krank" channel, and use the uber metal for my distorion. I've never been super happy with running my amp through the clean channel with the distortion, or the Krank channel with my overdrive.

From what I hear, i should get all the distortion I'll ever need just from the Krank. Any suggestions on settings, pedal order, effects loop ideas?

I have been teaching myself everything as I go, but I figure some people with more experience than I can help.
HHMM, maybe change up the pick ups on 2 of your guitars.

I mean there all baisicly the same shape, offering the same tone, why would you set up 2 guitars with the same pick ups.

thats one mistake you made.

get rid of the digitech.
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ditch the line 6 "uber" metal, the digitech, and the danelectro. use your amps distortion, get an mxr 10 band eq to shape your tone, and try some duncans over those sterile boring emg's

problem solved

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Ibanez LU-20
Dunlop DCB-10
Crate V50112
Tascam US144

ditch the uber metal, set the krank gain to 6.5, put the EQ in the loop to attenuate (leave the EQ's volume very low so that you can turn up the amp volume) as well as shape your sound.

Ibanez RG7321 w/ D-sonic in bridge

Peavey 5150 mk ii & b52 4x12 cab

line 6 podxt for recording

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What he^ and Tyler said.
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also see if you can trade one of those for a strat style guitar to change up your tone as well.
^that to but changing your pickups to some passive ones (Boutique or Factory made) can also improve/change your sound.
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Well to answer what you asked about the EMGs, plain and simple, I didn't know what I was doing. When I first started, I knew I wanted to play metal and I knew that's what I saw a lot of people I liked using. A rookie mistake for sure.

As far as my effects, yeah, lots of them are junky. The only one I assumed would be really good is the Jekyll and Hyde pedal I have.

Thanks for the tips so far.
And thanks so much for the tip on attenuating the amp with my EQ. I never thought of that before, and that alone is going to help a ton
^ just sell those EMG's and buy SD JB's, its a good "beginner" pickup for its versatility.
PM CourdoroyEW, he makes hand wound pickups he's gonna help you alot with your pickup dilemma.

as for effects sell all of them except the Jekyll&Hyde and then buy a MXR 10 band EQ to really shape your tone.
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yah i love my SH-4 and SH-2 Jazz in my Epi les paul.

there frieken great all around pick ups.

Metal, Rock, Ska, you name it these pups can pull it off quite good.

there no specialty pickups like for one genre but they can pretty much do anything all round.
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