so im learning cacophony's concerto and its going pretty well for a fairly tough song but there is one little part of one of the sweeps that i cant seem to get my pick round comfortably. i have tried all the different options in terms of when to change direction, inside/outside picking but this part still seems unnatural so i wanted to see how others would choose to play it. its solely pick hand im interested in and direction of stroke for each note as left hand not a problem.

i'll stick in the bar and i guess people can annotate it, fingers crossed it comes out lined up!

|-------------------------------------|-------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------|-------------------------------------| |----------10----------------10-------|----------10-14p10-------------------| |-------10----10----------10----10----|-------10----------10----------10----| |----12----------12----12----------12-|----12----------------12----12----12-| |-13----------------13----------------|-13----------------------13----------|

its the second half of the second bar, where i guess one would begin the second downstroke. anyway, any help would be great, really im just interested to see what the most common way to play this would be

thanks a lot
for the second bar, you were asking, i would pick:

Up (13) Down (12) Down (10) Down (10) Up (14p10) Up (10) Up (12) Up (13) Down (12) Down (10) Up (12)

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yeah i figured as much. thanks a lot. requires a lot of control of the direction change.