so yea i would call them myself but my phone is ****ed up and wont dial right now...but i went to both guitar center and best buy the other day and saw some sweet fender standard strats for only $399!! so yea i went and played them and want one, so i went on today to order one online and at gc's website the strats are going for $450+ and the ones for 450 are standard strat FSR so i think there diff anyways..so if i go into guitarcenter and show them exactly the guitar i want will they order one into the store for me and then i can go pick it up? does anyone know if they do this, and also will it cost extra? i would just buy one at gc, but my particular color w/ maple neck is not in stock. thanks for the help
Yes you can but order it from Musiciansfriend. They'll deliver it to your house in 3 to 4 days. I ordered my wife"s accoustic from a GC store and it took 3 ****ing weeks and they charge a fee and I had to drive back and get it. Now I only go in there to test play and then order from someone else if they don't have the color or specs I want. Learned my lesson.
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Yeah im pretty sure they will. They've ordered stuff for me before. Im not sure if it costs extra tho but even if ti does im sure it wont be much.
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