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So what's the coolest or strangest class you've ever taken or are in? (highschool or college). Right now i'm in 11th grade in highschool and I have sci-fi as an english class. We spent the past 3 weeks watching every star wars movie and took a really easy test on it. The teacher is really cool, she regularly drops the f-bomb and flicks off kids pissing her off.

how bout you?
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English back in senior school. I'd done all the work before the last year, so I basically got to sit around and talk to my English teacher about FFVII and other stuffz.
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My favorite classes so far were Media I and Media II. They're basically film making and editing classes, they're a lot of fun. We have an awesome studio to use too.
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Next semester I'm taking Guitar and Robotics. Pwned
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Hmm... seems the thread has been taken over by a swimming pool filled with sperm.

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Guitar last year and Automotive this year. Get to hop a bus and spend a hour and a half working on cars
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a mental asylum called Mike

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History of Rock and Roll
I want to work in revelations, not just spin silly tales for money.I want to fish as deep down as possible into my own subconscious in the belief that once that far down, everyone will understand because they are the same that far down.
World History. Sounds lame but the teacher is branging awesome
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Philosophy is really the only class that I've ever been interested in.
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Next semester I'm taking Guitar and Robotics. Pwned

I am taking guitar and robotics.
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World History. Sounds lame but the teacher is branging awesome

Kill it with fire

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lrregular guitar technique class.

Right now were working slide-shred. Think the guitar battle in crossroads sorta.
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My history teacher is the ****.
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when i grow up i wanna have blackandsilver's babies!

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nice discovery, sir.

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English back in senior school. I'd done all the work before the last year, so I basically got to sit around and talk to my English teacher about FFVII and other stuffz.

really! i wrote an essay a few weeks ago about how ff7
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really! i wrote an essay a few weeks ago about how ff7 better than 8.
I'm taking aircraft maintenance so my days are pretty much spent fixing airplanes and helicopters.

I think it's pretty cool.
Telecomm, a fancy word for a class where we just make student films about the Highlander, Emperor Palpatine as a Tax Auditor, and Jamaican Bacon!
graphic and print communications, and guitar
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I'm probably gonna take forensics next year
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I took a class in high school called "ensemble," consisting of five other people, four of which were girls. It was basically a band nerd class, but we never did ****. I spent 75% of my time texting my girlfriend(s). A few times throughout the year we had to perform for a local church, but it was basically an easy A.

In college? Philosophy 101. My professor was amazing.
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Are you asking if midgets can draw people that are themselves smaller than the average person, or if midget drawings in general are smaller?
In 6th grade part of our 'religion' class (catholic school) was a unit that was basically sex ed..

We had a 'question box' and all sorts of things got put in there...
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I am taking guitar and robotics.

I´ll be taking Robots who Play Guitars...


Alright... Then it´d have to be... History of Rock and Roll
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Periods are only a myth made up by woman to have more things to cry about, its the same with birth pains. Because i imagine its like having a shite and i quite enjoy turding.

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he needs a ride not a sandwich ****ing retard
at the moment sculpting or drawing, next year though i plan on taking A.P. studio and painting, those should be awesome.
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do not go on guitar forums

there are drugs there

( and ololol there are )
My school has a rock and roll history class, sounds pretty cool and might take it next year
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BAND CLASS, are teacher is a professional musician, its so cool

Obviously English isn't your strong point...
If you are interested, and are up to it, please PM me for more info on the song.
Yes, it's just one song in particular, theres no shredding or fast solos.
It is a mellow, instrumental, clean, song.

Aerobotics -- This class in and off itself was worth the semester's tuition, even though I struggled in it.


Extraterrestrial Life -- Taught by the Principal Investigator of the UVIS instrument on the Cassini satellite (currently in Saturn orbit). The guy is goofy and his class is cake, but I've learned way too much for it not to be worth it.
Looking for my India/Django.
All of my art classes have been awesome. Creative Writing is pretty fun, and my teacher is the ****. All of my teachers are fairly cool this year actually. If not cool, then at least tolerable. Being a junior isn't bad.
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Cuz I would totally say that if I had one.

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