Hi Guys,
I am very new to the guitar and only have some major/minor chords so I am well pleased in finding this brilliant site.
I seem to have come as far as I can on my own and do intend having some lessons soon but in the meantime just to keep myself busy I wonder would anyone have the strum pattern for Christy Moore's Delerium Tremens,
thanks Fugs
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I haven't got a clue what this song is but the song after listening to it seems to be DUDUDUD or something, I haven't got a clue (I've never heard it before). I recommend learning a song like for instance Wonderwall by Oasis or something along those lines (try looking at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=827309 ) and going on youtube and watching lessons for these. If you defentaly want to learn this song though, listen to the song and watch covers for it. I've had a quick look but I'm not any good at finding out strumming patterns (im only a beginner myself). If you want I can recommend some guitar sites to you.

Learning chords is a great start, the sooner you can change chords the better! Try have ago at barre chords (they are really easy once you know how to) after your used to chord changing like from a C to a G. Then I'd recommend taking it slow and practicing the chords you learnt, which is the total opposite to what I did but then I got confused with stuff like CAGED method and Scales but you wont need to worry about that for awhile. Go at your own pace, if you go too quick you'll get confused and if you go too slow you'll get bored, so go at your own speed. Also you need to learn rythum (try tapping your foot along to the beat) or use a metronome (heres one: http://www.metronomeonline.com ) but work at a slow beat first then speed up gradually to the correct tempo. Anyway, I best stop listing stuff because it'll get too much for you and you'll end up like me - clueless.

Happy Playing
Thanks Fieryhead,its great to get advice from a fellow apprentice ,I am taking it slowly and want to get used to some chords and changing etc before I take lessons .Im sort off enjoying trying to do some Dylan songs but scales,tabs etc are a bit ahead of me at the minute.But with some lessons I hope to sort this.
I think I have the strum pattern got at DDUDU ,again thanks for the help and happy strummin Fieryhead
No problem Yeah that should be the right strumming pattern. Let me know if you need any help with anything.
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