Ok I am 14. i've collected a few pedals since i was 10. i have a brian man expression pedal, digiech whammy reissue, a boss dd3 delay, a fender st1 stage tuner, a visual sound volume pedal, and a crybaby original, as well as a boss os-2 that i no longer use as much.

i have some plywood Lying around. I don't want to do any screwing in, and i would like it to be able to close it like a briefcase or a guitar hardsided case. and it needs to protect all pedals and provide for easy pedal substitutiion.

so. can i build one for free using my dad's tools and stuff, or is there something i need to buy. i was thinking about buying a really really cheap used bass guitar case and then cutting it and reinforcing it w/ plywood.

as close to free as possible, MAXIMUM 30 $
go to value village or a similar thrift/second hand store

buy a case of some kind. an old instrument case would do good. a trumpet case, perhaps?
its wide enough to fit lots of pedals on, and not super long

whatever case you find, turn it upside down so the 'bottom', or the side that'll beon the ground, has the shallower lip. that makes getting to the footswitches easier

buy some breakaway hinges and replace the old ones with them

take out whatever's inside the case, put velcro down for your pedals to stick to, and either leave the case empty how it is, or add some kind of padding that'll fit around the pedals intransport

..and then just arrange the pedals how you want. thats a really vague description, but it works well if you can find the right kind of case to use.
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How Do I Bulid A pedalboard for Free?!?!?

Don't spend any money.

It's gonna be tough to build a closing one for under $30, but the used bass case sounds like a good idea. Doubt you'll find one that cheap though.
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I remember reading a Q&A with Zakk Wylde, and someone asked him where he gets his pedal boards, and his answer was "Same place I get a lot of my gear, home depot brotha!"

Basically, he just takes a peice of plywood, spay paints it black, screws two handles on each side to wire the cables through, and just screws smaller peices of wood on to hold the pedals in place.

I also knew a kid who used these peices of metal framing, I can't really describe them, but it's like two flat metal bars, about 2 feet long and an inch and a half or so wide, and they have oval shaped holes all the way through. He just took the rubber bottom off the pedals, took off the screws on the back, and just ran the screws through the metal bars and back into where they go in the pedals. He just had regular stomp boxes, mostly boss, so they were all the same size. It might work with a wah pedal too, depending on where the screws are. He also used the right power cable and the link cable to run them all off the same power source.

Honestly, when it comes to gigging and using a lot of effects pedals, you really gotta just keep it simple. Just keep in mind what would happen if one of the pedals just stopped working, would it completely **** up your night or would you be able to fix the problem without a noticeable gap in the song? You gotta also know which pedals you absolutely need, and which ones you may just use for one section of a song and could do without. Just know what pedals you would definitely bet on working every show, without a doubt. That goes for the two wah pedals you have, there is absolutely no excuse to have more than one wah onstage with you. Same with the tuner, it's nice to have one onstage with you, but in the long run, it's just another thing to **** up your effects chain. Same with the volume pedal, you really don't NEEEED a volume pedal. KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid.

I would say your best bet is to mount them on a piece of wood. That way, if your pedal board breaks, you can just get another one. There's really no reason to have a case that folds up to protect them, as long as your not throwing your pedals around like crazy. Especially since any effect pedal worth using shouldn't need any kind of protective case.
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