Hi, im a guitarist and im going to be buying a bass for my brithday... I'm not sure what to look for in a bass or what to buy. my price range will be pretty cheap although im not sure whether it will be around 700 or like 300.. just depends on how much i make over the summer... so any ideas?
get an esp bass. i hear those are good. i have the goth epiphone bass but i just don't like how you cant reach higher frets.
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ESP bass are great basses to start off with, im actually getting a new esp soon or you could go to your local guitar shop and try out a bunch
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Squire VM>ESP.

ESP is mainly limited to metal. the VM series will sound way better anyways, I've heard ones that get better highs than a USA Fender, though the Fender still wins unshakingly at the lows.
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I agree with the Humanity, get yourself a squire VM or perhaps an Ibanez/schecter if you like that kind of thing. Anything else in that price range is pretty mediocre by comparison.
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I have an Ibanez and its great so i recommend them but anything in that price range will be pretty good. Go to the shop, try a load out and see which you like best is my advice.
oh yeah i guess should have said what kind of music i play... i play mostly classic rock and blues stuff. my favorite band is led zeppelin. Im going to be going to my local shop within the next few weeks. The Vm series from squire looks good for a $300 bass and then maybe ill get a cheap amp too
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I would say schecter, but that leaves very little for an amp, so look at these.
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Well, John Paul Jones played a J-Bass for most of his career and since custom Manson and Alembic basses are kinda out of your price range, if you're looking for his kind of tone, I would check out the Fender MIM J-Bass, the Fender Replica '60s J (MIJ I think) ,the Squier Vintage Modified '70s J-Bass, or the Squier Classic Vibe '60s J. Those are in the ~$300 to ~$500 range, leaving money for an amp or upgrades.

Those are all Jazz basses however, and the Jazz/Precision divide is pretty subjective, so do check out the P equivalents available, but for the music you described, you can't go wrong with either.
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