Hey guys. Ive been playing guitar for about 4 months. I have an ibanez ijv100s acoustic guitar. I know it's not the best but its something to start on. I'm now looking to buy an electric guitar.

I have about $300 to spend. Ive been looking at the Ibanez Rg2ex1. How is it? And what else do you recommend to look at??

Don't get a spider (prepare for a lot of abuse) look into the Peavey Vyprs or Roland Cubes and take this to the right forums, you'll get a lot more help
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Frankly, I would stick to an acoustic for starters. It really builds the strength in your hands that you will need later on in the game.

I would save your money for when you really, really need a new guitar.

That being said, the best way to find out is to go to the music store and just jam on a couple of guitars, untill you find one that just sings for you. You will know when you play it because it feels great and it sounds great to you. The only advice people can give you about guitars is their subjective estimate on how a guitar plays and sounds, but that can be completely different for different people depending on hand and body size, taste and musical ear.
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