My band we are from Pottsville, PA.
We are a mix of all kinds of metal and music really.
The music up is from our last recording, since then we have become heavier and introduced some inhales as well as soft singing.
We plan on recording again in May and it will sound like a new band.
But in the mean time feel free to enjoy my song writing and shredding.

I just set up an artist profile.

we have a myspace as well with more songs and info.
For being Christian and metalcore, this isn't that bad. Its not overly memorable though, but I do enjoy the vocals in there. I would recommend just getting rid of the clean singing, as it sucks and ruins the songs. Most bands can not properly implement clean singing, most of the time because the clean vocals are just crap.

Its nice to see more PA bands though, as I am from PA myself.
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I am from the same area as you guys, I'm over in Fleetwwod. I must say you guys have an awesome sound, keep doing what it is you do.

we just moved people around. the recordings up now were never mastered..
but we are working on much better material and it will be recorded within a month or so.
also the stuff up had carl on vocals.. he is now on guitar with some back up vocal action.
i will be doing lead vocals. i lead worship at my church so i know that i can do clean vocals.

i don't think anyone in the band was too thrilled with the last recordings.. songs - kinda... but recording? no.
so we are going somewhere else and making sure it gets mastered.
hopefully the finished products will be nothing short of amazing.

feel free to add us on myspace. we'll have shirts for sale soon and put mp3s up for sale cheap.
Good stuff, has kind of a classic death metal tinge to it as well as being -core

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i wrote most of what is up.. as in all lead.. most rhythm and some drums, and some bass.
and i grew up on all kinds of death metal.. black metal, thrash, etc...

sadly our new sound will be more in the "brutal" metalcore direction. but even in that "weaker" direction the tunes are tighter and all.

our old singer stepped up on guitar and he can sweep like no bodies business.
i got a lot better myself; before i wrote for fun.. now i'm writing to write the best songs that i can. and carl is writing half of the songs so i'm not alone. it's gonna be better.
we put a random very technical / classical feeling accoustic section in our one new song that will tick off the hardcore kids since its sandwhiched between two breakdowns *evil laugh*.

feel free to add us on myspace if you have one so that you can be one of the first to hear the new tunes. :]
and i'm BEGGING you to tell your friends about us. it's a small favor to ask and i'm sure you all get asked all the time.
but we love anyone that will be willing to listen to us even if we arn't their thing.

Basically what the second poster said
Not particularly memorable, but tight and heavy.
I have a hard time dechipering differences between the -cores and whatnot, so don't take my word for it! keep hittin em hard n heavy.