k, so im ****ing bricks right now.

i just opened my itunes, and it says there was a problem with the playback thing for my audio and video files, and now i cant play anything!! help?!! i just downloaded itunes again, but it sill doesnt work!!! wtf do i do!!!!

and the main problem;

my pc is going to get re-formatted soon and i need to find a way to put the songs from my ipod onto the itunes i'll install after the re-format. i heard if u download itunes (being new and empty) and plugin your ipod, the songs on your ipod will get erased!!!?? is this true? cuz im hearing like 50 different stories about this.

i heard of a program called Sharepod, that you'd install after a re-format or w/e, and it will make sure your songs are safely put onto itunes from your ipod without any losses (i'm guessing my ipod will be connected while i have this program running, so im kinda freaked out about it). does anyone know if this program works well? and if not then what do i do!!!!

please help!! I'm gonna feed my brain a bullet if I lose everything lol

thanks much
the ipod will only lose all the music if you have it set to synchronise with the itunes library(which on a new itunes, is empty)

What is the exact error its giving?
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download Sharepod, drag it onto your ipod disc, reformat your PC and w/e, dl and install itunes again, plug ipod it, run Sharepod, use the transfer to PC function and save all your music from your ipod back onto the PC

but downloading sharepod before the re-format will only get it erased. do you mean download an run it after it's been re-formatted? sorry, i'm just really keen on specifics.
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the ipod will only lose all the music if you have it set to synchronise with the itunes library(which on a new itunes, is empty)

What is the exact error its giving?

''iTunes has detected a problem with your audio configuration. Audio/video may not operate properly''

''audio/video playback'' does not work at all, not even after re-downloading itunes.
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sharepod goes straight onto your ipod. it does not go on your pc.

sharepod is basically a way you can access the music on your ipod straight FROM the actual ipod, without using itunes/winamp or anything. it's basically a portable itunes library.

I'm sure i'll have enough room to put it on there with my 80Gig?
You don't need any software to get the music to your PC from your iPod. (unless you have an iPod Touch or iPhone, in which case you need an FTP client and a jailbroken ipod/phone, or a program that will get the music for you) Just go to your iPod's disk, then go to the address bar and at the end type: ipod_control

*This works on Windows, if you have a Mac it may not work exactly as I explain it, but still should work in some other way, which you'll need to figure out on your own*

For example, the address bar should say:
(note: the drive the ipod is plugged into may have a different name, in which case you will have a letter other than an H at the beginning)

From here you need to unhide the folders that contain the music, so right click, and choose Properties. Uncheck the "Hidden" box and click apply. Some new folders should show up, click on Music. Inside this folder are a bunch of folders named F00, F01, F02, and so on. The strangely named files inside are all your songs. Copy these files into iTunes (without changing the name!) and they should show up in your iTunes library with their correct names/artists/albums, from which point you can sync them to your iPod.

Hope this helps.
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Brang it to a technician.

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Depending on the size of your iPod and the size of your iTunes library, you could just enable disk use and transfer them all manually to your ipod (after ensuring the iPod isn't synced with the library, or else there would be two copies of everything), then move them all back to your computer after it's formatted. Problem solved.

Also, there's a thread for iPods/iTunes already.....
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it sounds like there is something wrong with your PC, does it make any sound anymore?

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Brang it to a technician.

I called one, and he said that re-formatting my computer would not erase anything at all. He also had a part of his voice that said ''I don't know what I'm talking about!!!''

So yeah, I think I'll just try and do this on my own lol.
your music won't play because you moved it to a new location. In your iTunes music library, go Edit>Select All>Delete
Assuming you use windows, go
Start>Search>*song title*
then find the folder your music is in, and highlight it all and drag it into your iTunes library.
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