This may sound like it should be in the relationship thread, but it really isn't about that.

I have really bad anxiety problems. When I like a girl, I tend to go through really bad anxiety moments. I worry if we have plans. "What if she cancels?" and if she does, I tend to take things personally. For instance, if she says she can't hang out because she has to do something after school or something like that, I get really bad anxiety moments, where I tend to sweat and get really hot, I get really uneasy, can't sit still etc.

Also if I call or send a text and there's no response, that tends to do the same thing. It has gotten to the point where I have had really bad anxiety and panic attacks.

The thing is though, I can't stand this, and I need to do something or be able to tell myself something so that I don't constantly have to worry. My sister's boyfriend for instance obviously cares about my sister and stuff, but he doesn't worry over things like "Oh, she couldn't hang out today" or things like that. What can I tell myself to stop me from worrying? Any advice?

Money isn't doing so hot, so therapy and things like that can't really happen.

TL;DR: If I text or call a girl I like and she doesn't respond, or she tells me she can't hang out, I don't want to have really bad anxiety moments like I do where I constantly wonder "What if..." and catastrophise. Instead I want to be able to respond to it like "Whatever" of "Oh well" and move on with my day.
Realize that there's more to life than a girl, then realize that you're giving yourself way too much importance. We're all just people. Some like us, some dont. Another brick in the wall.

Life's just life.
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If you don't already smoke pot, and that's serious suggestion. Its a great way to relieve stress.

It couldn't hurt to ask your girl what she's up to when she doesn't call or whatever. If she has a good reason, she shouldn't be afraid to tell you it. Also, let her know about this and remain open to hear what she has to say. Anxious is always better than paranoid.
i get anxiety from time to time like that too. i just tell myself that worrying and obsessing about it, isnt going to change anything/help anything. forget about it for the time being, go watch some tv, go out with some friends, etc. push it out of your head, and DONT let yourself even think about it.

then when the time comes when you see her again, act like nothing is wrong, be nice and friendly etc. i think youll find that alot of the things you are worrying about are created in your head, or blown out of proportion in your head.

kinda a ramble there, but hopefully that makes some sense. no worries, by happy man
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Well whenever i ever had anything like that i just instantly did something else to take my mind off it like watch a film or something but yeah if this does happen you should just ignore it because theres always a reason behind it that probably isnt that bad.
Something similar happens to me. I don't get anxiety attacks quite like you do, but I get very paranoid, more so than usual. If, I'll use your example, I send a message on AIM to someone and she doesn't respond, I'll think she's just purposely ignoring me. Or even if she leaves for dinner. I'll assume she's just trying to get away.

I wish I could help, but, alas, I have a similar problem.
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If you don't already smoke pot, and that's serious suggestion. Its a great way to relieve stress.

Oh yeah, because pot smoking doesn't at all make you more paranoid and anxious.

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Madcap, it's more of a mind problem. You'll just need to work on it, sooo, if someone turns you down...you just say "whatever" and move on.

Nothing you can really do about it, sorry bud
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