I've been prowling around for awhile looking for an amp that can cover the dirty tones I like, and these seem to fit the bill well. I'm looking for tones similar but not limited to:

Queens of the Stone Age

Would the Rocker 30 have enough gain for these? Or would I have to step up to the Rockerverb 50? Keep in mind that I'm not looking for these exact tones, I'd just like to have a versatile amp in the $1000-1300 range that can get me close while still maintaining my own sound. Gear is in the sig, and other suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

edit: looking for a head, btw
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Dude I just got an Orange amp and dude, QOTSA, totally. I can play through my super overdrive and a crybaby, and get crazy awesome garage tones, really smooth leads, dude, you can't go wrong with Orange.
the rocker 30 can do all of those bands.
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Definitley the Rocker 30. Incubus' heavier stuff will need a clean boost or overdrive pedal.
The Rocker will be able to do it, it would be pretty hard to get a Rockerverb 50 for $1300 anyway.


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if you can deffo get the rockerverb 50
but yeah orange are some of the best amps out
well the crush are a little =/

but anythin else is good
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