Has anyone done any comparisons between the MXR Micro Amp and the EHX LPB-1?

I want to know if one adds more noise than the other or anything else. I figure why buy the Micro Amp when the LPB-1 is half the price. Usually, pedals that do the same thing are around the same price, so is the LPB-1 is as good at doing the job as the Micro Amp or does it lack somewhere?
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The LPB1 is a transistor-based boost and the Micro Amp is opamp-based. Some like the transistor based boost because of simplicity. Less parts so less interference with you tone.

The Lpb-1 is a great line booster/clean boost/od pedal. It acts as a clean boost until 12 oclock and then it gets dirty. Actually picked it over the bbe boosta grande for what I was needing it for.

Also Im is for sale if you are looking at getting one. Im down sizing my od/boost collection so Im selling it for $25 +shipping.