Ya this the first song I really feel comfortable recording that I have written. As it is my first one I would appreciate as much feedback as possible. Its only about 2 mins, I have only recorded it up to the first chorus, still writing the solo and ending verses.

Thanks so much

Mix between Metal/Hard Rock/Swing/Jazz = WIN

Bass and Guitars are played by me and I used a drum machine.

(First one)

Sheet Music
http://www.mediafire.com/file/kzngwmwmimj/~Alice~ Sheet Music.gp5
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Very good mix.You do that yourself?

The song itself is pretty cool so far.Don't hear much like that on UG.I would listen to your music.It has a very fun quality to it.I don't know what else to say...I like it.It is well presented.Just finish it.
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Ya I mixed it using Mixraft 4 and Guitar Rig 3, im a little control freak so I tweak it the sound all the time.

Glad you liked it, thats all I can hope for haha.
Yep I used Guitar Rig 3. These were the tones (slightly modified)

Solos = Ultra Gain Lead
Lead Guitar = Pete cant explain (HB Bridge)
Rhythm = Foo Monkeys (HB Bridge) - This is the tone you were wondering about?
Quite great, the drums I'm not too sure about. They fit the song but seemed a bit bland, but other than that it was superb. I don't have anything up to crit so no C4C
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Haha I guess thats a good thing Quam. Ya I mean Im not a drums expert, but they work. Obviously when I record with a drummer, the song will have a lot more personality.