Hi everyone, this is the first song I've posted on UG.

I have great love for both Post-Rock and Metal, and I've never tried combining the two before. I think the song captures an intense feeling of emotion without being cheesy or cliche. It's post-metal, but not in the usual sense of the more doomy or drony sounding bands, it has a lot of energy.

I'm pretty happy with the sound quality given that I'm using a half-broken mic, in the future I'd like to add drums. I'm thinking of "acquiring" a program for that. If any one has any suggestions for a digital drum program to use, your suggestion would be highly appreciated.

It's titled Falling and it's on my profile, right here.

All thoughts are appreciated.
I'm a big fan of post rock/metal personally, and I liked it overall. TBH, the recording you have is not something I would ever listen to normally, but the song itself certainly has potential given drums, bass and better recording quality.

One thing I would recommend is turning down the distortion on the guitars overall, both rhythm and lead, especially when playing chords. The lead itself really doesn't need all that much distortion, I think it would proly have a better sound just being a little louder in the mix with a cleaner tone.

But good work overall, keep it up!
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