wow, very very very strange that there should be 2 threads about Shakespeare music in one day


im doing a soliloquy in my english class and i want badass background music

if anyone knows, its the part after Iago tells Cassio to talk to Desdemona to get his job back. So the music has to be dark and evilish
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I'm pretty sure the entire Still Life album by Opeth is based on Othello. Benighted ftw.

It's not.
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"so you mean if the father is sterile, the kid will be sterile too?"

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the prove is u because u did n create urself and ur parents dindt and their parents didnt and so on and we are not monkeys peace

Why that part?

Anyway, erm, I don't know what would suit that.
Like..... Hell Above Water by the Curve??
I hope it doesn't seem, like I'm young, foolish, and green.
Let me in for a minute, you're not my life but I want you in it

O Dayya, te echaré de menos, siempre

Y siempre
Y para siempre
Tiptoe Through the Tulips- Tiny Tim
The arena is empty except for one man,
Still driving and striving as fast as he can.
The sun has gone down and the moon has come up,
And long ago somebody left with the cup,
But he's driving and striving and hugging the turns...

i mean brang

crap i totaly fail at trolling
Emerse your soul in love

You used to be alright What happened?

Yellow tigers crouched in jungles in her Dark Eyes .