well, i have a problem. a while ago my parents somehow blocked myspace from my computer, and i just cant figure out how to unblock it. i know some will say to just use proxys, but none of them work (wont let me log in).

so if anyone knows how to unblock it without proxys, or knows a really good proxy, id really appreciate it if you could be so kind as to tell me.

Just go into command prompt, type nslookup www.myspace.com and it should give you a series of numbers separated by a period, put this in the browser and if your parents were stupid enough you should get through.

you have some gay parents
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you have some gay parents
Probably not, since they're parents.

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i did what you said spartan but it keeps having a navigation failure, do you know any other ways to make this work? i think im doing it right
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This man speaks the truth. fuck myspace.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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Yeah... providing a free medium for bands to get their music out to millions of people is horrible!!!

use their accounts on the computer....heres how...

1.Command prompt

theres 2 ways to do this
1st way..
type in "net user"
then there should be somthing like "SUPPORT_388945a0"
you can log in with this the password for it is usually admin...or there is not one


change their stuff

type "net user admin*" DONT FORGET THE *

there is how u cange their sheit..
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You're 17 and your parents blocked myspace? Seriously?

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LOL, use ibypass.net
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thanks for all the help guys, none of it has worked for me so far :\ but thanks for offering ur advice
the latest version might be a trojan, but if you can find an older one it works beautifully.
IE only though.