I started about 2 weeks ago. So far I can get Megadeth's "Disconnect" with the solos and everything sounding pretty good. I was having a problem with sound before but it was solved by NOT using headphones and using the amp instead (I'm an idiot).

I asked a question before about distortion, and many said that distortion covers up your mistakes, and that if you're going to learn guitar you should start out clean.

Does anyone recommend any clean songs? Everything I listen to is Metallica, Megadeth, etc.

Thanks in advance.

Just practice songs you like - on clean.. If can play it clean and you can honestly say it sounds like the song you're attempting, then it's good .

But that's just how I go. The bad thing about practicing clean is that when you play your own stuff you'll develop your clean music, and when you'll end up finding yourself unsure when distorted.
At least thats my experience.