Can I get some song/album recommendations on the following artists? I just want some of their greatest or best songs or albums that they produced. I'm just a starter of jazz and I want to get into this great form of music but I don't know where to start.

Lenny Breau

Allan Holdsworth

Stanley Jordan

Django Reinhardt

Wes Montgomery

Joe Pass

Pat Metheny

some other artists http://digitaldreamdoor.nutsie.com/pages/best_jazz/best_jazzguitar.html

I would really like some great jazz fusion guitar players if you have any in mind.
you could start with their 'best of' albums, especially Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery
Feelin the Blues

"The Blues are a simple music and I'm a simple man. But the Blues aren't a science, the Blues can't be broken down like a mathematics. The Blues are a mystery, and mysteries are never as simple as they look" - BB King
Wes Montgomery, I would suggest the Smoking at the half note, great live recording with a fantastic band.
Joe Pass, I'd start with some of his solo recordings called Virtuoso (he truly was)
Pat Metheny, listen to trio99/00 or Question & Answer with Dave Holland and Roy Haynes

I would add El Hombre by Pat Martino my favourite jazz guitar player.
With Allan Holdsworth, well there is a lot. My personal favorites at the moment are MVP - Truth In Shredding (Holdsworth and Gambale do several fusion covers, some astounding guitar work), his live album All Night Wrong, Sixteen Men of Tain, hell ALL of his solo albums. Plus check out an album called Bundles by Soft Machine - one of the albums Holdsworth played on. Oh and, this track: