Im currently using .45 gauge Roto's on my bass but I notice that I either play too hard, making a clacking sound(like the string is hitting the fretboard at some point) or im playing too heavy/light strings.

Would heavier strings alleviate this problem, or do I just play too hard? I accidentily bought some .40 gauge strings but hated the feel, they felt much too thin for my taste.

The action isnt too low on my bass; there is very little or no buzz on the first fret and the neck has the correct curvature to it.
It could be technique, I had a similar problem until I started plucking correctly. I think you want to sort of push the string toward the fret board a little at the same time as plucking.
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if its a clacking sorta crackle sound you might be hitting the pups with the strings. i had that problem for a while.
if your pickups have metal contacts on them then you might get a "clacking" noise when you play with your amp, mine does that and its annoying
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the adjusters on your bridge may be too low, causing the strings do hit against the fretboard when you play. easy fix just get an alan wrench and make then a little higher. that could be your problem.
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The problem is in your technique. If you tamed your high end a little bit, it would help. I have a pretty tame high end and when I start playing really heavy and clacking the strings against the fretboard, it sounds fine.
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