To have my guitar rewired?
But not necessarily completely....

The Pick up wires have been completley stripped out of their place on the output jack,and the screws that keep that output jack in place are gone. Also,the back panel to access the internals is damaged and needs replacing...so how much is this gonna run me to have it all fixed?
you could do it yourself with some wire and a soldering iron for like 10 bucks if you buy good quality wire.
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i say do it yourself.

not only is it cheaper, but you can learn something in the process :P:

itll range from 30-60$ however if you have someone else do it.
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Okey dokey,thanks guys!
I'm going to Home Depot today to buy a soldering iron,what type (and quality) of wire do I need?

I'll post up pics after I have the tools :]
16 guage? Holy crap.
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did you get solder?.. and how many watts, most people say 40-60, i got 30 and it does fine. pain in the arse on output jacks though.

Hah,that day I didn't,and once I got to the store I got owned in my own newbdom as to which type of solder to get. I have rosin-core electrical solder,is that what I need? Upon arrival back at my house and a proper viewing of my guitar,something tells me I should've got metal solder :\
Hah,my ignorance strikes again. I thought the bigger the number,the bigger the wire. Lots of people have told me that 20-24 is ideal,but since my local Home Depot didn't have anything but 16 and lower,thats what I got. It's also "Primary Wire",does that make a difference?
i'm not sure. i just got a roll of like 24 guage off of smallbearelec.com hit stock list, then click on the side links to search, their search bar blows, but they got alot at good prices
i charge 30-80 depending on what im putting into the guitar and what kind of wiring setup it is, that **** can be extremely aggrivating. usually, i get a guitar that the client has tried to wire themselves and screwed up miserably.
Argh,ordering things off the internet would take time,if that,I'd almost pay someone the 60 dollars to do it better than me,quicker. Do Guitar Repair shops order parts personally for the the customer,or do they keep a stock in the shop for speedy repair? My guts telling me it depends on where you go.