Hey, I want to hear your guys "reviews" on these particular amps. I play from metal to blues to rock to jazz... so here are the amps I have listed

Ampeg VH140c/SS140c

Peavey 5150/6505/II

Mesa Mark Series

Mesa Recto Series

Mesa Roadking/Roadster

Peavey XXX

I know the Peavey's and the Ampeg amps are really for metal playing, but still give reviews on those please because I do play metal

Thanks everyone for your help
Ampeg VH140c/SS140c- Great for pretty much everything it can do Metal, Jazz, Blues and even really nice cleans with ease

Peavey 5150/6505/II- Great for metal

Mesa Mark Series- I have to admit i've seen some pretty remarkable things pulled off with these. So they got my vote for an all arounder as well

Mesa Recto Series- Id say metal-rock and they have a decent clean to them

Mesa Roadking/Roadster- Really versatile but I havent seen to many people play blues and jazz through them. But im sure it wouldnt be a problem... Probably the most versatile amp listed besides the Ampeg

Peavey XXX- Really versatile and should be able to pull off anything but the high wattage will effect headroom so if its power tube saturation your looking for gonna have an issue.
what is your MAXIMUM budget for an amp.
if you can afford a Roadking then you can afford these amps
ENGL Invader
Diamond Spec-OP
Peters Gryphon
Mako Custom Hundred/MAK-2

but if you want to stay with those amps then a Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+ or IV can be good for the genres that you play.
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Don't go ENGL

Go roadking, mark IV, or Peters Gryphon

Why not go with the ENGL amps? Just curious thats all?
if you can afford the roadking, than i would go with 2 amps. the Ampeg for metal, and a used fender deluxe reverb for blues and jazz.
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Chea_man is the best.
If you're on a budget don't forget to look at the Peavey Ultra Plus. It can do a lot of different styles (I play everything from funk to metal on mine) and its pretty cheap for a 60/120 watt tube head.
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+2 to the roadking.
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You must have saved up a lot if you're considering those Mesa's.
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Mako is not taking any orders right now,....however I like the peters and mako suggestions over the production amplifiers!
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