my madness mexi strat lives, made with parts i bought off ebay. its got a duncan JB in the bridge, a pearly gates in the middle, and a jazz in the front. 3 mini switches control the coils whenther they work as humbuckers or singles. and a dragonfire s1 style harness means it can do any thinkable comb. not quite finished yet... still to come gold locking tuners, and gold covers for the pickups. after hours of soldering and cussing the beast lives!!!!!



Nicely done
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That is smexy. Seriously man, Great job. I have a soft spot in my heart for humbuckers and more of an ulser for single coils. Haha. Nice job and may you and your guitar be happy together.
do you have a schematic for this? i just bought a cheap explorer with the same wiring setup and i have to redo it.
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thanks guys, ill get a soundclip up in a couple days.
ghostbass: ill try to get a schematic up for you, i drew one up a while back.
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do you have a schematic for this? i just bought a cheap explorer with the same wiring setup and i have to redo it.

I would love to see the schematic as well, just to see it. This guitar looks basically... schmexy

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Nice. Do they all coil tap?

Yes, that's what the individual switches do under the volume knob.
it's frightening... but cool.

You should get stacked pots to get vol and tone for ALL the pickups, then individual coil splits for each pickup... that would be madness.
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Can't wait to see it with the gold hardware.
It looks great now though.
How does it sound?
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Putting the Pearly Gates between the JB/Jazz is a cool choice.

You should turn this in to an 80s rock machine; put a non-recessed OFR on it and get a Screamin Deals hockey stick headstock neck off of Warmoth.

That said you've already turned a nice guitar into a great guitar. Kudos to you