OK first off, This guitar was a pretty good guitar, bought it from a friend for like 40$ becuase the wires were grounding out and he didn't want it. Second, After a while it started humming when i plugged it in, like as soon as my jack went in and the amp was on. Sometimes it will play beautifully when I'm messing with the jack and moving it around and stuff, but that last for about 2-5 seconds. I've taken it apart and can not figure out whats going on with it. Everything seems to be hooked up right. I was wondering if anyone could tell me whats going on and mabie something i should try. Oh and one last thing, this guitar is very weird, It has one rear pickup (its only pickup) and just a volume knob, no tone or a three switch. So if anyone could help, please do. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, forums are not my thing.
Just tighten the nut to the input jack. Remeber to hold the back of the jack as well or else you'll end up spinning it and breaking a connection.
well, it IS a bc rich.

make sure the jack is tightened. all i can say.
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