Yes, they are worth it. I tried one out a few weeks ago. Loved how it retained the tone of the guitar. The boost was exceptional. I was playing a Schecter Classic C-1 through a 65 Soho Amp. As for these videos, I have made several purchases from ProGuitarShop based on their vids on youtube, and the sound they get on the vids is exceptional - I'd say its close to the sound you're gonna hear once you get the pedal. Good luck on the tone quest!
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They're amazing. My next od for sure

i feel the same way.

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YES. get it. NAOW
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theyre also good with blending with other pedals.. i hear its good w/ the keeley bd-2.. im getting one to go with it!
It's a good pedal, I'd also look at the Xotic AC booster and BB preamp. I'd also consider the GT500, the boost is very good and the distortion sounds amazing.
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