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yes we have them
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Do you have Coke in glass bottles where you live? Like this where you need a bottle opener and pay a deposit? Is it just me or do they taste better than cans or plastic, especially the small ones.
Not around here, but in Tennesse (probally didn't spell it right) they had them at every gas station and convience mart.
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I don't find much difference in taste, but yeah they are available in my area.
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Definatly taste better... in order of tastiest to least tasties IMO, it goes: glass, can, plastic.

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They taste so much better, especially when it's raining.
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yea they have em here in florida. they do taste better and its because the glass keeps flavor in
yeah we have them
the thin redbull like cans has the best tasting coke
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i never really saw any glass bottles here in the U.S. but when i went to europe for vacation i noticed a lot of glass bottles there and it tasted WAY better.
We have them but they're difficult to find. I like drinking out of the glass bottle rather the plastic one too.
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in mexico the glass bottled cokes are really good.

definately better than the plastic or canned coke.
I'm from Dublin and the only place I've come across them here is in pubs/bars, etc
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I see them around at some grocery stores, but they're not readily available.

But yeah, I do prefer the taste from the glass bottle
much better tasting I agree. We have them at one store little expensive for the amount they give u tho but w.e
i havent seen any. but i do think sodas that come in glass taste better. IBC rootbeer is the best.
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They have them in 4 packs at my local grocery store but that's the only place I've seen them.
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^This. I wish they still sell them that way. I enjoy them rather the old way, but they do sell them in packs as glass ones.
American love, like coke in green glass bottles. They don't make it anymore.
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i see them at gas stations, it's weird to drink out of the glass because the bottle doesnt give any when you make a vaccuum in it, so the coke has to fall out, you cant suction it out
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Yes and I also think it tastes better. We mainly have small 8oz glasses, except for these Mexican cokes which are like 20oz
they probably do taste better because despite all the preventative measures the materials that the plastic and cans are made out of do permeate into the soda. like the plastic semi breaks down do to the CO2 in the soda, and the thin layer of plastic coating inside the aluminum can most likely does the same thing. glass doesnt, glass is way better.
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We don't, but we have other pops (such as Jones Soda and IBC) in bottles. Bottles taste better to me. I prefer Bottle > Glass > Can > Plastic > Cup. This goes for just about anything (kool aid, milk, beer, etc.)
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I've seen them in a few places. I think I should try both kinds at once and see which one brangs out the best taste.
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You can buy them in six-packs at the local Wal-Mart and Meijer, but other than that I've only seen it sold at this old-fashioned store downtown. They do ice cream and sweets and stuff, used to be the place to buy Beanie Babies. There you can find Coke and Sprite in glass bottles.

I noticed a lot of companies are doing glass quite a bit again. In the last year I've seen Crush become sorta popular.
isn't the coke in bottles made with real sugar, and not corn syrup?

that might be why it tastes better

I may be wrong though, it could all just be in your head...

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Coke in the glass bottles is the best. It's too expensive for me though. I don't think they do the deposit thing anywhere nowadays. Or do they?
In the can Coke takes nasty. We can only buy glass bottle Coke in this six pack at the grocery mart for about 8 bucks. It's too bad.
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It tastes so much nicer from the bottle, but I've yet to find a place here that sells it in bottles
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Glass bottles > All.
Yes we do have them. In quite a few places actually, I walked past somewhere the other day and some guy had one. I was tempted to yoink it.
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the ones in the glass bottles are better because they are bottled in Mexico and they use real sugar instead high fructose corn syrup to sweeten it.
Actually here the glass are cheaper than the plastic bottles if you get the deposit back.
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