I want to start learning how to read sheet music for guitar, so I was wondering if anyone knew of some free software or websites that could help me. When I google it, pretty much just tablature stuff comes up. I can already read trombone, tuba, and bass music well, so i don't need the extreme basics or anything, just which note is which on the staff. Help will be much appreciated.
honestly just find a fretboard diagram attached to a trebale cleff staff.

it helps so much when it comes to reading scale runs.
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powertab has sheet music as well
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Buy a book or take lessons. I wouldn't bother with online lessons.
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Considering that you already know a bit about reading sheet music, then I would recommend a book instead of software to achieve your goal. A descent publication that a guitarist can guide themselves through is "Hal Leonard - Guitar Method - Book 1":
Guitar Method Book