My fulltone fulldrive II sounds awesome still, but i can hear it muddying up and getting that dying battery sound with the onespot powering it, which doesn't make any sense to me. When i would power it with 9 volts, it sounded perfectly fine, but now it's almost not worth it to boost it for more than a solo b/c i can just notice it too much. I don't understand why this would be happening and can only assume it's the Onespot's problem.

Has anyone encountered this problem with their Onespots before? I bought the damn thing so i would save money on batteries, and now it appears that running on batteries will save my sound.

* i DO plug the onespot straight into the pedal, without connecting the 8 piece adapter (seeing as it's the only pedal i use right now), so could that be the problem? wouldn't make sense to me if it were, really.

thanks for any advice guys
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didnt read the post thouroughly, but maybe the battery is dying?
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Dude it might by the onespot. I have one with an adapter for five pedals and it sounds perfect when i only use one. Mine came with a list of pedals that it's compatible with. Your pedal might not be one on that list. However if it's on the list, I would return it and get another one. Good luck.
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didnt read the post thouroughly, but maybe the battery is dying?

Seriously, Onespots are really cheaply made; maybe look into a more costly (but perhaps better) power center. I used to have a one spot, but it crapped out on me, so I use Duracells now.
Are you only using the Fulldrive on the 1 Spot?

My 1 Spot powers 4, sometimes 5 pedals at once with no problems, but you might have a lemon.