Mesa/Boogie F-100


Guitar World review

Splashed my wages on this last year. Selling as I need to raise funds for a strat, and it's wasted on a bedroom guitarist like myself. One previous owner, excellent condition other than the faulty footswitch, which is nothing to do with me and I'm sure it can be fixed. Fantastic cleans. With some good pickups there's probably no tone it couldn't get.
RRP is around £1,500
£700 ono

In the North West, would prefer collection but I'm sure something could be sorted out.

Pics to follow soon.
don't suppose you'd want a marshall dsl 100 half stack for it, would you?
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Nice guitar, but not really my kind of thing sorry. I know I'm sounding a bit picky but I'm not really looking to trade, unless it's a very very very good deal. Much prefer cash; willing to come down in price or haggle if necessary.

Aforementioned Photos:






Going up on you-know-where soon.
if only i lived in the UK, i'd be on this in a second
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Pickups for sale!