Ibanez Les Paul "lawsuit"

edit: My bad, didn't look at the last two pics. The first pic does look like an Ibanez. I'm pretty sure this is a Gibson LP Supreme though.

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The body all matches up to a Les Paul Supreme, however:
- The Supreme did not have a 'Les Paul Custom' truss rod cover; it had a very distinctive golden brass cover with Les Paul Supreme engraved in it.
- The Supreme had black humbucker mounting rings, not white ones.
- The serial number doesn't match up to any previous Gibson Custom Shop serial number format. The only possible format it can match up to would say it was made in 1952, which simply is not possible.

So I would figure it's a knock-off Gibson Supreme. Knock-off Ultimas and Supremes have shown up before, so though they're rarer than fake Gibson Standards or Customs, it's not unheard of.
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I KNOW, its a FAKE!
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it's jst a fake Les Paul Supreme: the upper curve on the headstock is wrong and the "Gibson" inlay is just too high up. This is a real one: