I want to try out for my jazz lab and we have to comp. Here's the pdf to the sheet music:

and the recording is here:

The problem is, at the top of the sheet music it says "play 6 times". What part do i play 6 times, specifically? I listened to the recording, and it doesn't play 6 times. I'm thinking im reading it wrong. So if anyone can tell me the exact structure, i'd appreciate it.

It looks like it means that you take 6 choruses of solos, or 4 choruses in-between heads ... it's something you're better off just asking the director for clarification on. It's AABA, so if you just remember where you are in that, and watch for cues (he probably won't have you play long at an audition anyway) you'll be fine.

Focus on the comp - if you're director's worth anything that's what he's looking for. It's not super heavy harmony, a simplified rhythm changes, so keep your voicings spare and focus on maintaining a rock solid link with the bassist and the ride cymbal.
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what exactly is AABA?

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Nevermind. I got it. Its the structure. But hat does 6 choruses of solo mean? I know for sure it plays through the whole thing one time in the beginning. And i can play along with the recording to that. But what happens after?