I just took the strings off my acoustic to adjust the action at the bridge. All the strings are back on except for the high E which is somehow too short to reach from the bridge pin (when fully inserted) to the tuning head. My question is, since it was somehow fully in place, what do I need to do to get it back there? Or did I somehow break the string without knowing it?
the ball end might be caught on the peg or something on the inside
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So is the ball end of the string supposed to be in the groove of the pin or right below? Because if it's right below it needs a little more space but if I can get it in the groove and inside the hole in the bridge it should fit.
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it should be in the groove -

As others have said - now is probably a good time just to replace the strings- unless for some reason they are already brand new...
They are. That's why I don't want to just replace them. Not to mention that would mean waiting a whole day or so to go buy strings. Me is impatient.