I've been playing guitar for about 6 months now, however i've been getting really into it lately and been playing 5+ hours a day.
My guitar is an epiphone les paul studio, which i picked up for about 300, and i've been thinking about "upgrading" so to speak to something in the 600-800 dollar range.
Im interested in playing many different musical styles, with an emphasis on metal/hardcore type riffing, but I also dig the frusciante, SRV, Hendrix, etc. single coil type sound. Guitars i'm considering are the Schecter C1FR , Fender classic 60's Strat, and for some reason ibanez guitars are appealing to me. (RG2570Z?).
I definitely want a guitar that is good at playing multiple styles, HAS to have a whammy of some sort, and has to be a great guitar for the price range(600-800).

Also forgot to mention, treble pickup on the epi plays at about 1/3 the volume of the rhythm pickup. didnt come this way, just randomly happened about 3 weeks ago.
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Honestly, I think you should just wait to see if you really will stick with it. I'd wait another year and save up. If you want to get another guitar, then you'll have the money for a really good guitar. For me, I saved up 5 years to just jump from beginner equipment to professional equipment (although my Squier plays better than many Fenders).

Guitar-wise, I'd say get a Fender. Any of their higher end guitars are really worth the price of anywhere from $1500-$2500.

People are going to tell you to get a HSS (Humbucker bridge Single Coil middle Single Coil Neck pickups) strat. I've never tried one, but Frusciante and Hendrix LOVE the neck pickup (single coil for them), and SRV changes MANY times between all of them. Also, with SRV, it depends on which tone your trying to get. His blues rely heavily on the neck, neck-middle, middle positions especially. His rockier Hendrix type stuff relies on the bridge.

Just an example of his many pickup changes in a song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfUs81IcH8o

Humbuckers have a darker tone than single coils, and from what I've heard, they can do Metal with no problem.
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My vote is on the Schecter C1
or Try a Schecter Revenger Fr
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No,they're to high end for me.I usually just walk into a random building and scream "FIX MY BANJO NOW!!!!" until they hit me with sticks and call the police.
Normally, I would say to wait to see what your looking for since you've only been playing 6 months. It took me years to find what I'm looking for. And you should also thoroughly try out guitars before choosing and make sure you love it. But since you said you were thinking about the RG2570Z, I say just jump on that. It's $700. I paid $800 for my RG2550Z (same thing with a different finish and a pickguard) and I think it's the best guitar for the money, hands down. It's a top of the line Ibanez for under $1000. You honestly can't beat that. I say jump on it while you can. The new Ibanez's that are comparable are $1500. You can get the same thing with different pickups for less than half price. It's a steal. You get humbucker tone, single coil tone, a great trem, great neck, 24 frets. and a great case (a case of that quality would probably cost close to $200). It should definitely be more than $700, so I say jump on it while you can. You will probably never find a deal like that on a new Ibanez with similar specs again.
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