i got a new dimarzo pickup and a wiring diagram for a Seymour Duncan

the colors are the same as in this diagram

but p[eople tell em its not the same wiring configuration.

the little booklet that the picup came with isint very helpfull. im trying to figure out witch setting or cponfig to use but i cant figure out how to well, how to figure that out lol.

any ideas?
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i just put dimarzios in my strat a few months ago
the bare wire goes to ground(the back of a pot)
the two wires the booklet tells you to solder gets soldered together and taped with electrical tape
the live/hot wire(color specified in booklet) goes to the selector switch replacing the one from your old pup and the remaining wire should also go to ground

it's the same as in your diagram but the colors might be a bit different
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