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I'm in love with pasta. mostly any kind. I love love love spaghetti, simple and awesome. Hold the meat though.
Whatever happened to sweet Jane?
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Spicy food. Preferably east-Asian.

Such as India food?
Whatever happened to sweet Jane?
Chicken, Chicken, and Chicken
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cheese, on everything
Warning: The above post may contain lethal levels of radiation, sharp objects and sexiness.
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Pork ribs with ze bbq sauce, please.

I used to work at a rib restaurant. So gross. But BBQ still kicks ass. mmmz
Whatever happened to sweet Jane?
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I'd consider that south Asian, but yes, I do enjoy a bit of Indian/Pakistani food. I should, considering my mom makes it all the time Don't like it as much as I used to, though.

I used to love it, but I think it changed my taste buds. haha It's really spicy now and not filling until after I can't stand the spice anymore.
Whatever happened to sweet Jane?
ribs, sushi, orange chicken, sesame bean curd, little children, bbq, all washed down with a can of diet coke
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Listen to the man, he's Jewish.
Ugh, orange chicken is the only thing I miss about meat. So good. I need to make or find a place that makes orange bean curd or something.
Whatever happened to sweet Jane?

Did you know the odds of a Vault-Tec shelter failing are 1,763,497 to 1?

So imagine life in a Vault-Tec Vault. Not just a future.
A brighter future... underground.

Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.
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Lemon Chicken with fried rice. And Gopher steaks.
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Chicken tenders, cheap Chinese buffets, pasta, bacon burger, cheesy gordita crunch, Doritos, steak and if I'm near one, Long John Silvers.
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chicken, the white meat like drumsticks / leg and especially breast

those delicious soft medium rare steaks


general tao chicken
Re Gan Mian (热干面,Hot Dry Noodles)

Yang Rou Chuan (样肉串,BBQ Pork Skewers)

Homemade pork and leek pics.

Popeye's Chicken

Chipotle Burrito

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Voted for Patron Çıldırdı.

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But our Band is Listana
Bacon, Pizza, Subway, Chik-fil-a, my girlfriend's French fries, and I love eating hot girls.
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That is the tastiest looking bacon I've ever seen!

I love curries mainly. Butter Chicken, Lamb Korma, Chicken Vindaloo, all with cheese naan. And a good Thai Green Curry. A laksa is awesome though. Asian food (which of course includes Indian) is the best ever.
Chicken Albondigas

with Spanish Rice

in Romane Lettuce wraps

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Fish and Chips
McChickens (heavenly)
Ciabatta Burger from Jack in the Box
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

I don't always post on UG, but when I do, I post in the Pit. Stay thirsty my friends.
Burritos of any kind
Thai food
Chocolate chip cookies
anyhing with bacon, cheese, potato, all curries, nachos, burritos etc, pizza, lasagne,mmmmm lasagne
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bread, in all forms, especially when made by french people


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