It seems as if you're not keeping the tempo very well at some points, like around 1:20 and some other spots. I'm not sure if this is because your drum track is off, or if it is something else. The 1st solo was pretty accurate, only a few missed notes. However, the tempo seemed to go off again around 3:30. Same thing with the 2nd solo, it sounds like all of the notes were there, but it veered off tempo at some points. The opening Ozzy voice was actually pretty good, but as you said, during the song it was more humorous than anything. The actual tone is pretty close I think. So just fixing the tempo, maybe a better drum track perhaps, and this would be pretty spot on.

I have some tracks in my profile, Procession is the latest one I put up. It's my 2nd attempt at doing something with multiple tracks, let me know what you think.
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I second the tempo issues problem. Also, the first minute or so of the vocals weren't even that bad The tone could use a little cleaning up (although my laptop's speakers do suck). Other than that, not bad.

If you get the chance. I have a few Nightwish covers and an Iron Maiden cover in my profile if you want to check them out. Thanks.

Edit: Also, I agree with your sig.

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