Hey guys i have been playing bass for a while now and i recently quit the band i have been playing in. I realized that the genre i truly wanted to play was pretty much like stoner rock stoner metal fuzzrock whatever you prefer to label it as. Seeing as how it is usually played in dropped tuning like kyuss being all in C. I was wondering what would be the preferred bass guitar and amp that would suit the style the best and of course have the best sound. The bands my music sounds like now are pretty much like Kyuss, Fu Manchu, QOTSA, those type of bands.

Any input would be very much appreciated

Thanks Everyone
I'm not sure on what brands or anything (all up to personal preference), I would definitely consider a 5-string, seeing you're going to be drop tuning.
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^I would second that. You haven't specified a price range, but good basses for the genres would be Ibanez or Warwick. Although I dont know myself, other people also seem to rate Shecter and ESP for the same.
However, I cant recommend a specific bass until we know what range we're looking at...
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well im thinking around a grand for the bass itself, seeing as how i might sell my mexican jazz that i have been playing for a while. What would you think about a precision for heavier dropped tuning(not metal) i just tend to like fender bass guitars?

but yeah about 1000$