Hello UG,

In about 2 months I will be graduating from college with a degree in Finance. While at first it seemed interesting after a while it became boring and the stress and hours of the industry is not something Id like at all. Oh yeah and the job market for this major is in the tubes in case anyone was paying attention . While most people just suck it up and find a job I have been fortunate to make a good deal of money the last 2 years (not discussing it dont want to derail the thread, and no its nothing illegal) and should continue to do this for a few more years. After watching college fly by and maybe not living it to the fullest Ive decided its not worth it slaving away at something I dont enjoy for the rest of my life (only live once right). Ive realized Ive been in love with music all my life and would like to dedicated at least this up coming portion of my life to it.

With this I have some probably very noobish questions about music schools/the industry so I apologize if they seem stupid

How does one go about applying to a music school? Im obviously not looking to get into Berkley or anything but does one need some sort of qualifications to be accepted? Ive only been playing guitar about 9 months so if this is case I guess Im in trouble

How is it structured? Mostly classroom setting? etc

Cost? Length before "graduation"

While my (and Im sure everyone elses) goal is to be in a band I understand this isnt always possible. Coupled with my degree what kind of jobs could I maybe expect to be qualified for?

Any answers/experiences would be appreciated
not to be nosey or anything, but how much money is alot? I really think that makes a difference. call me unexperienced but if i were you, i'd go to grad school and find a way to incorporate music and finance together. like starting a chain of recording studios or something to that nature.
btw..how was finance? I'm thinking in majoring in prelaw next year and I'm considering minoring in finance.
Most music schools require you to have at least 2 years prior of playing your instrument and, if you've been playing for 9 months, its best if you look for a local teacher, because schools like Berklee (with a double e) try to focus on music in general. I've heard the experience is very tough, but I'm still going to study music.
If you play guitar, please don't waste your time in The Pit, and please instead educate yourself in the Musician Talk forum, where you can be missing out on valuable info.
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