I just learned the chord progression for Learning to Fly by the Foo Fighters. The Chords are Bsus2 - F#m7add11 (i think) - E. When you take out the fancy chords you have a I-V-IV progression. At one point in the chorus they go to a G and then A and then return to the progression. It sounds good. I would have put this in the key of B however there is no G in the B major scale. I found B, F#, E, G, & A in the melodic minor scale. Would this be what the song is constructed of and would this then put it in the key of Bm? Normally I would have not think of Bm since the Bm chord is not used in the song but all of the notes fall into the scale?
its a B major scale and the chords are Bsus4, F#m11, and E5, and an Asus4 and an A at the end of the chorus, but i believe there is a G in the bridge
I would agree however G is not in the B Major scale. Maybe it is just like a passing note/chord? Theroy wise is this valid?